Lucid Dreaming News Roundup 26 May - 1 Jun 2024

Hello, and welcome to this week's lucid dreaming news roundup. This selection of news from the world of lucid dreaming covers the week May 26th - June 1st.

The idea behind this collection of news is to provide lucid dreamers of any background and skills with some interesting and inspiring readings.

Lucid Dreaming News Roundup 26 May - 1 Jun 2024

  • The New Yorker Cartoonist Talks About Lucid Dreaming, 28th May 2024 [VIDEO, 00:11:39] - In this video, New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast talks about dreaming in general and lucid dreaming specifically. There is also an interesting passage about dealing with anxiety. 
  • Mia Lux: Transforming Fear Through Lucid Dreaming, 31st May 2024 [PODCAST, 00:57:00] - In episode 41 of 'Stay Grounded with Raj Jana', the host speaks with Mia Lux, a oneironaut and recovering lawyer who has dedicated the last 7+ years to mastering the art of lucid dreaming. Some of the main takeaways from the episode are:

    • Lucid dreaming is a powerful tool for psychological integration, healing, and personal growth, allowing practitioners to confront their fears and shadows within the dream space.
    • Tibetan Buddhists view lucid dreaming as a practice for preparing for death, recognizing the dream state as a reflection of the dying process.

I hope you enjoyed this lucid dreaming news roundup. If you have an article that you think it's worth mentioning in one of these roundups, please feel free to send it to hello [at ] For now, have a great and lucid weekend!

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