Lucid Dreaming News Roundup 2nd-14th June 2024

Hello, and welcome to this week's lucid dreaming news roundup. This selection of news from the world of lucid dreaming covers the week June 2nd - 14th.

The idea behind this collection of news is to provide lucid dreamers of any background and skills with some interesting and inspiring readings.

Lucid Dreaming News Roundup 2nd-14th June 2024

  • EMPI DREAM Beta App Release: Expert and Science-Backed Dream Exploration (14th June 2024) - EMPI DREAM is an app, for now only available in its iOS version, whose aspiration is 'to integrate lucid dreaming analysis and education into the mainstream". The app features a number of expert-led courses, including well-known professor Antoino Zadra from the University of Montreal. Additionally, there is something called Dream Engine, whose main task is to illustrate dreams by generating images through AI
  • Unraveling the Mysteries of Lucid Dreaming: Techniques and Tips for Control (3rd June 2024) - This is a generic, entry-level article into the world of lucid dreaming, published on the Medium platform
  • The Phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming (4th June 2024) - In the recently published research paper 'Sports and Sleep', there is a chapter about lucid dreaming. Please note there is a paywall, if you want to read this

I hope you enjoyed this lucid dreaming news roundup. If you have an article that you think it's worth mentioning in one of these roundups, please feel free to send it to hello [at ] For now, have a great and lucid weekend!

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