Where does the name Remee sleep mask come from?

The Remee sleep mask, whose name is often misspelled as 'Remi', is the invention of two developers from Brooklyn, NY Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan.

The two friends started a company called Bitbanger Labs and put up their project of creating a lucid dreaming mask on the website Kickstarter.

They were hoping to raise at least $35,000 to fund the developing of the Remee lucid dreaming mask. Eventually, they raised $572,891.

The two inventors started working on the mask in February 2011 but their company only got public attention in 2012 through their Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks to the success of the Remee sleeping mask, Frazier and McGuigan quickly reached millions of dollars in sales and moved from a basement to a much nicer office in Brooklyn.


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