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Golden Dreams Journal

Golden Dreams Journal - Lucidity Dream Mask

Golden Dreams Journal

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“Golden Dreams” is a dream journal for you keep track of your dream memories in your lucid dreams. From your first dream to your latest dream, all recorded and tracked in your “Golden Dreams Journal" created and designed by YOU. Everyone dreams, and not everyone knows how to record, collect, and analyze the information about their dreams for personal growth.


Our Dream Journal is the comprehensive tool for recording all of your dreams as they occur. This journal tracks your dream patterns by logging the date, time, location, length, and content of your dreams. Each entry is dated with a time window so you can review your progress over the course of several months. By being disciplined with the record keeping process, you’ll quickly see how your dreams vary by location, time of day, and activity. You’ll begin to recognize recurring themes.


You create some amazing experiences that you never want to forget! Some of these experiences will play a prominent role in your dreams, and others will be fleeting, but it's what you think about them that's important. At the very least, your consciousness is aware of these experiences, and the thoughts of your dreams can even influence your waking life.

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