The Lucid Dreaming Mask

The Lucid Dreaming Mask

The Lucid Dreaming Mask

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Lucidity Dream Mask

Our REMEE (REM Enhancing Eyemask) Mask is the most popular in the world. This is why: Dreams are one of the most universal and inspiring aspects of the human experience, yet we spend little time discussing their impact on our daily lives. In the past, dreams were treated as windows into our subconscious, offering valuable guidance and insights. Modern research has since confirmed that lucid dreams can lead to better moods, reduced stress, enhanced problem solving skills and increased creativity. Yet somehow dreaming is still treated as an afterthought when discussing our overall wellbeing. We created the Lucid Dreaming Mask to reintroduce people to the benefits of lucid dreaming to improve their lives and their sleep!


How Does It Work?

We created the Lucid Dreaming Mask to make lucid dreaming as easy and straight-forward as possible, so that everyone could have their opportunity to explore the beautiful world of their dreams. Our mask is designed to help you realize you're asleep by displaying soft LED light signals after you go to sleep. These signals will show up in your field of view, even in a dream; helping to unlock the world of lucidity, where everything is possible!


What's in the Box?

1* Remee Dream Mask

1 * User Guide

1 * Battery 


*Results may vary

Customer Reviews

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Americo Davis

Excellent quality

Shirley Klocko

The mask is good. Packaging was neat and safe.

Scot Mraz

The product is good, cheaper than the "middlemen". The battery 2032 comes with a plastic gasket, for long-term use it makes sense to buy batteries in bulk, because it is cheaper. Instruction (annotation) is clear. In principle, there is nothing complicated in the settings, but at first it may not be clear, because only one button switch. Later I will try advanced functionality (settings through the site). Slightly fog up the space between the eyes and the mask, so it would be nice to add any ventilation mechanism, heat dissipation, without disrupting light penetration (light insulation). The packaging was in good condition with a little scratch, most likely during the delivery, the product itself is not damaged.
We will test, try, use to get full experience.

Eda Beer

Attention the setting requires to put the brightness of the screen to the maximum.

Jayce Hills

Norms. Works

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