What is a Lucid Dream Mask?

In this article, I am answering the question 'What is a lucid dream mask?' and explaining what a lucid dream mask does, how it works and how much it costs.

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What is a Lucid Dream Mask?

A lucid dream mask is a device, similar to a regular sleeping mask, that helps you get into a lucid dreaming or lucidity state. It does so by sending some gentle cues, like a flashing light or sound, when you are in your REM sleep phase.

What Does a Lucid Dream Mask Do?

A lucid dream mask sends a signal to the subject by way of a cue to let them know that their are in a dream. The cue sent by the lucid dreaming mask is subtle enough to alert the subject that they are actually dreaming, but not to obvious to wake them up.

How Does a Lucid Dream Mask Work?

A lucid dream mask has a timer or sensor detecting when the dreamer is in their Rapid Eye Movement (REM) state. It then sends the cue to the subject to let them know that they are sleeping. The cue can be one or more of the following:

  • Audio, like a sound or voice message
  • Tactile, for example a vibration
  • Visual, like a flashing light

How Does a Lucid Dream Mask Detect REM Sleep?

The main difference between lucid dreaming masks is whether they use a timer on sensor to detect REM sleep. Masks using a timer trigger the cue after a time ranging between 90-120 minutes. Masks using sensors are able to detect the REM with a relatively higher precision by monitoring changes in the dreamer's eye movement.

How Much Does a Lucid Dream Mask Cost?

The price of a lucid dream mask may vary from less than $10 to more than $300, depending on the brand and technology used. Below you can find a list of lucid dream masks and their corresponding price (also, the link takes you to the corresponding review):

For a more comprehensive list, you can check this other list featuring 14 lucid dreaming masks.


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